Attribute Traits

Attribute traits are Mundane traits acquired automatically based on your character’s attribute bonuses and penalties. They do not count towards your intial selections and will go away or get added if your character’s attributes are somehow changed permanently.

High Attribute Traits

Traits acquired automatically by having a +3 in the associated attribute.

Mighty (Brawn)

You are a force to be reckonened with. Those who oppose you must stand firm or they will be crushed entirely.

After winning a by 5 or more, roll an additional d4 and add it to the total.

Graceful (Poise)

With your superb self-control, you flow from action to action making it look like a choreographed dance.

After making a successful , you may choose to discard one card in your hand to draw a new one. Allowing you to discard low cards for a chance at a higher one.

Domain Expert (Memory)

When it comes to your preferred subject matter, you’re a living encylopedia.

You do not need to make a on subject matter related to your character’s background or proficiencies.

Intuitive (Wit)

People speak with more than their words and you pick up everything they’re saying.

When making a the DM must tell you if the target value is high or low. Where high is half your total Cognition or more, and low is less than half.

Inspiring (Charisma)

Your personal charm is downright infectious. You bring an extra spark to your party and things go just a bit smoother when you’re around.

If you have at least +1 in another attribute, you gain an additional effect as listed below.

  • Brawn) The next ally to make a against a creature you gets advantage on that action.
  • Poise) If a nearby ally is about to make a , you may trade one card from your hand with one from theirs, if they are willing. Only one card may be traded per check made.
  • Memory) Nearby allies may perform the action as if they have a Charisma of +2.
  • Wit) You can ask nearby teammates to donate a cognition token towards your attempts to . Max one token per teammate, per attempt.

Low Attribute Traits

Traits acquired automatically by having a -1 in the associated attribute.

Frail (Brawn)

You are lacking in physical development and mental fortitude. Any sort of direct opposition has a good chance of ruining your day.

Suffer one turn of after failing a by 5 or more. Additionally, you cannot wield weapons with the or trait, nor may you wear armor with the trait.

Clumsy (Poise)

You’re something of a menace to yourself and those around you. Every day is a struggle to avoid a horrible accident.

Every time you fail a , the DM will draw a card. If the card is a 2, 3 or a Joker, something bad happens. The exact effect is up to the DM’s discretion.

Forgetful (Memory)

Your memory is a bucket with a hole in the bottom. You have a hard time retaining any sort of information.

Make a everytime you attempt to communicate important information to an NPC or when trying to tell other players information that was only given to you by the DM.

A Few Eggs Short of a Dozen (Wit)

You need assistance when trying to perform any mental task harder than adding one and one.

You must be able to actively communicate with an ally in order to use your . Additionally, creatures with a Wit of 1 or greater automatically succeed against you.

Repulsive (Charisma)

No one likes you. The ones that seem like they do probably have some kind of stockholm syndrome.

NPCs will try to avoid speaking to you unless you pass a DC 6 attempt at the start of every new conversation.

Wandering Spirit
Stone Dweller
0 to Clash Die Rank
0 Redraws
Draw 1 Match ANY
of 8
Intimidate d6 Clash Die
Charm 0 to Card Played
Lie 0 Redraw
Persuade 0 Starting Wager
Decent Meal
Good Meal
Hearty Meal
Threshold 3
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