Playable Races

Additional playable species which you may choose if you don’t want your character to be human. Each has its strengths and weaknesses and will change what actions you can perform and the difficulty of some actions.


A very young dragon which has reached the point in its life where its size, weight, and intelligence is comparable to an adult human. This period lasts about 40 years, about the ages of 10-40, before they become too large to operate at human scale and tire of mingling with “lesser species.” (though some stories tell of exceptional individuals who maintained some sort of ongoing relationship with Dragons they met in their Wyrm age)

Wyrms have working wings, but limited flight duration and encumbrance. In ideal flying conditions, the limit is irrelevant, but when flying in strong headwinds or a storm the wyrm must make Brawn rolls against the wind strength to continue. When attempting to carry significant weight while flying, the wyrm may only lift 20 + (15lbs * Brawn).

Wyrms may not wield human equipment, but have natural armor in their scales and natural weapons in their claws and teeth. While not capable of spewing a jet of flame like their elder kin, wyrms can generate enough heat to burn targets they bite or grapple, so long as they can get enough to eat.

Wandering Spirit

A wandering spirit is a minor immortal being which, true to their name, wander the world stopping at whatever sight or drama catches their attention, then continuing on when they grow disinterested.

Though ageless, spirits can experience a death of sorts. If their material bodies are mortally wounded their spirit will leave and disperse into the surrounding landscape. Eventually, after some years, they will manifest a new body but will have forgotten all but their most cherished memories.

From a distance, a spirit is almost indistinguishable from a human. On closer examination one or more “exotic” features are evident. No one has yet discovered if there is a rule to these features, typically it comes in the form very fine, fae-like features but can also be something animalian or plantlike. Say, cat ears or barkskin.

Spirits are known to adapt their physical characteristics to their surrounding environment, provided they aren’t in a place devoid of life. It takes some time to attune themselves but once they do it can have some pretty drastic effects, such as webbed feet and fingers for swimming in the Ocean or natural camouflage while in a jungle.

Spirits are capable of using some simple human tools and armor, but find anything more complex than a sword awkward to wield. Likewise they find heavy armor even more restrictive than usual.

Stone Dweller (Dwarf)

A subterranean race of short, stocky humanoids who may very well have been the same race as humans many ages ago. Now their physiology has adapted fully to life in complex tunnel networks.

They stand at an average of 3.5 feet tall. Their eyes are hypersensitive to visible light and can detect some range of infrared. Their sense of hearing is keen and they have small, bony spurs on their heels that allow that to detect very faint vibrations in the ground.

Unfortunately, some of these adaptations make life on the surface somewhat difficult. Lights that are merely bright to a Human are blinding to Stone Dwellers. Aside from the minority of lineages that regularly traded with other surface folk, all Stone Dwellers require special eyewear to travel during daylight. Their skin is also very unaccustomed to UV radiation, but their long, thick hair blocks most of it.

As their name might suggest, they are master masons and quarriers. Their intricate tunnel architecture, hauntedly illuminated by deep, dim reds of everember lights, is renowned the world round. Some Stone Dwellers have made great fortunes by performing stone work for wealthy top-side patrons.


The Bofo are one of the more curious of the sentient races. At an average of 9 feet tall and with three muscled arms, they are an imposing sight at first encounter. Those who don’t run, however, soon find the Bofo to have a measured and relaxed way about them. Not too unlike elephants.

In culture and life-style, they aren’t too disimilar from humans. Perhaps in large part to how they’ve cooperated with their human neighbors for ages with little conflict. They have their own desires and ambitions, but they tend to be simple things. A good mate, a good home, and good food.

But while their community life is virtually serene, they greatly admire heroism in the face of outside dangers. They raise many valiant warriors who challenge terrible beasts, marauders, and tyrant armies. It’s not uncommon for them to take on mercenary work as well, for which they are in high demand. The biggest expense human armies typically have to front for their Bofo forces is the food they consume.

One difficulty humans have with the Bofo, however, is their inability to speak. Their heads are wide, short, and neckless. They have one vertically aligned eye above every arm and a single mouth at the top of their head, which is only good for eating and grunting. They breathe through gill-like flaps under their eyes. Their primary forms of communication are scent and gestures, but they have some gutteral sounds that they’ll bellow from their mouth.


A bipedal, insectoid race known for their natural stealth and agility. Carapacts are able to communicate with each other via complex pheromone systems that seem almost telepathic to other species. They are also capable of rough but intelligable speech.

Carapacts are between Humans and Stone Dwellers in height, but rarely stand at full height on account of their limb anatomy. They also have an array of wings, but are incapable of full flight. They do, however, provide additional jump height and aerial maneuverability.

Their exoskeleton provides some natural protection, equivalent to chain mail on a human. They also have a long, retractable claw on either arm. It’s also been known for carapacts in some regions to have a poisoned spike instead.

Wandering Spirit
Stone Dweller
0 to Clash Die Rank
0 Redraws
Draw 1 Match ANY
of 8
Intimidate d6 Clash Die
Charm 0 to Card Played
Lie 0 Redraw
Persuade 0 Starting Wager
Decent Meal
Good Meal
Hearty Meal
Threshold 3
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